Thursday, 18 November 2010


Oh dear. So I got accosted by an Argentinian and a Uruguayan man tonight. Lucky me, no?! The Argentinian man was short and old and spoke very little English but attached himself to me like a burr (while I was trying to dance with the others) and he kept touching my hair so he could move it out the way to speak broken bits of Spanglish into my ear. Shudder. I think he may have even told me he loved me at one point, but I'm not sure if that was what he meant to say or not.

Then there was the Uruguayan. He didn't speak too much English either but we managed to exchange the basics: names and where we were from. He then told me his girlfriend ('er, how you say? my best friend? novia?') was going to London today to visit her grandmother. About twenty minutes later he grabs me for a salsa dance, at which I fail miserably. Twenty minutes after that, as I'm about to leave, he grabs hold of my face and says 'I give you a kiss now'. I firmly reply 'Er, NO,' using my now trademark push tactic. I eventually manage to wriggle my way out by offering him my cheek instead, but he wasn't satisfied until he got to kiss the other cheek too. It wasn't a quick peck either, I think he was hoping for a cheeky angling. So much for the 'girlfriend'. He may have just meant girl friend to be honest, but actually, given what I have already experienced of the South American way in these matters ('she's in London visiting her grandmother! she is very far away! it doesn't matter!'), maybe not. I think I need a new Spanish phrase. I already know 'aqua minerale sin gas, por favor', but how can I order 'dance with my mates without hassle, please'?!?!?

They weren't even fit, in any way, so it was sin consolation too. :P Sigh.


  1. I will track down these men and kill them. I am Liam Neeson from Taken.

  2. ew. sneeze on them.

    In other news I can't remember what email you use (still yahoo?) so linking you here: